Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Laura Crema at Yardbird Suite

I missed Laura Crema the last time she was at the Yardbird. Being a volunteer at the Suite, as soon as I saw her name on the list - I signed up as House Manager. I started volunteering at the Suite many years ago so that I would be reminded to go, and also forced to stay for the entire show. The rewards are many - lots of jazz friends, opportunites to meet many musicians as they tour accross the city, province country and around the world. And of course great music.

Laura came from Vancouver with Bill Coon - guitar, Paul Rushka - bass, Paul Townsend on drums and George McFetridge on piano. I hadn't seen Bill Coon for many years - although he has been in town, we just didn't seem to cross paths. I bumped into Paul recently in Vancouver.

I do love singers, and Laura impressed me. Her tune 'Spring is Here', the tile cut from her latest CD seemed a bit early for Edmonton, but the weather was strangely warm - it has been much colder since then. Seems she brought spring with her CDs - and went home with a much lighter load, having sold quite a few of them. If I remember correctly, she saved that tune for last - and it was still warm out when she left - 'round midnight'.

The Yardbird gets very different crowds depending on the type of music - and I warned the bartender (also a volunteer) that we would sell lots of wine with a singer in the house. The first three customers ordered a 'bottle of red', and we had to go hunting in the back storage for more.


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