Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tim Harwill and Howlin' Dan at the Cyber Cafe

I think the Cyber Cafe on Jasper is actually licensed as a 'internet bar'. No minors sign on the door. I was invited by Leah Wilson, a friend and former house manager at the Yardbird Suite jazz club - to come see her artwork, and hear her partner sing. Funnily enough, I also received a mySpace invitation to hear Tim Harwill, same night, same place. The Cyber Cafe seems to be a well run musical establishment - even if the shape and size is a bit unorthodox.

Tim was setting up when I got there and I got a chance to visit with Leah and peruse some of the artworks produced by her, and by Dan. I'd describe Dan's work as eclectic to eccentric. Leah's paintings ranged from bright places to dark, possibly threating images - with predominantly heavy strokes. Not that I know much about art... and to tell you the truth I was too busy schmoozing to really look at every piece and check who it was created by.

I had only met Tim thru mySpace a few days before, and wondered why I hadn't seen him around town -- I do get around. Seems Tim has been doing lots of travelling musician gigs to support himself. Now maybe he'll relax and settle down. He's an accomplished performer, with some interesting covers. I also enjoyed his own tune about sitting in a hotel room, waiting for something to happen... Definately a country bent, but his own man.

Howlin' Dan (Dan Silakiewicz). I can see why he might choose a nickname, and it is an appropriate choice. His voice is loud and long, but certainly not unpleasant. Dan is clearly a man of many talents. Leah and Dan are touring - showing off their art and their music. I wish them happy trails.

Cyber Cafe gallery

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