Monday, March 17, 2008

Gathering for Hugh Smith

I hardly knew Hugh Smith, although I know he was behind much of the music I heard locally. I met him once at the Night of Artists and took a couple of photos. When he recently passed away, there was a gathering of many local musicians to honour his life and his contribution to the music scene in Edmonton. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, in Bonnie Doon Hall, where he spent many hours as director of the Bonnie Doon Folk Club. His presence filled us with music, and his absence has left a quiet space.


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Brian Parsons said...

I worked with Hugh Smith with the Uptown Folk Club, ARMS and The Bonnie Doon Folk Club. Hugh had a true talent for mixing together styles of music that fit together extremely well. One concert might be contrasting styles that fit together like a simple jigsaw puzzle- the next concert might be similar styles of music that fit so well they fit like a glove. Hugh always stuck up for the little guy. Hugh would book Artists who might not booked at other venues. Hugh had a great big heart. Hugh will be missed by The Edmonton music community and I will miss my friend- Hugh Smith