Sunday, March 2, 2008

Expect the Unexpected: Mile Zero Dance Lost and Found

Darrin Hagin composed Christmas song, performed on the accordian; dance - poetry - and audience sound participation; a one man orchestra by Travis Boa; evocative and emotional portraits from Paul Freeman. Mix, match, weave, wander and wonder. Mile Zero Dance: Studio Series.

Mile Zero Dance's Studio series mixes visual arts with performance art to create a unique new performance. The studio is small - I don't think they can accomodate many more than 50 people. 'I saw something unique last night - that very few others have seen'. And a chance to meet many of Edmonton's cutting edge artists , discuss the works at hand, the state of the world, families and friends.

Lost and Found can hardly be described - you have to be there. For a taste of the event, check out the photos. or slideshows:

Darrin Hagen
Poetry, Dance and Audience Participation
Masked Memory
Looking for Ishtar
Travis Boa

Mile Zero Dance website

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