Thursday, March 27, 2008

Breezy and Friends at Little Flower - Fiddler's Roost

Little Flower Open Stage moved to Fiddler's Roost some time ago due to renovations, and then to avoid a rent hike. I think of it as a step up, even if it is downstairs.

For those of my age, Fiddler's Roost is the 'old media club'. I remember hearing Garnet Rogers there many, many years ago. Bernie runs the place now, and has many different open stages and music circles throughout the week. Located on 99th street and 86 ave - you'll see the sign outside when there is music. Down the stairs, pay your two bucks - and make yourself at home. You can find a cool beer, some chips, and sometimes even a full meal if there is a special event happening.

Little Flower Open Stage happens on Wednesdays. Breezy Brian Gregg is almost always in attendance (although Pascal recently covered when Brian was checking out the politics in Cuba). When I came in, John Peterson was making music with Scot Morgan on bass and Pat Flanders on drums. Then Alin Rogoz gave us some soft bass solos. I think it was the first time Alin visited - always nice to see someone new, do something different. Then Dr John joined up with Breezy while Pascal noodled on the piano. It was late (for me, on a weeknight) - but as I left Maurice Jones came down the stairs. Sorry I missed him - but at least I had a chance to say hello. I asked, but he has sold all of his CDs and needs to make some more!


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