Monday, March 17, 2008

Scott Cook with Maurice Jones at the Empress

When Scott Cook email me that Maurice Jones would be with him at the Empress - I had to go. But I had to email back to ask 'where is the Empress?'. The Empress is a new music venue on Whyte Ave, just off 99th street. I got there well before the music, and it was packed. Friends told me it was even busier the last time they were there. I don't have any idea where everyone parked?

Scott Cook started out with his powerful delivery of his songs - and his gregarious and friendly stage presence. Next I got another chance to hear Jesse Dee deliver his 'Sweet Serenety, where are you know?" A highly original tune. Jesse was joined by Jacquie. And then Maurice Jones - he is quite a character. His huge hands wrapped around a tiny ukalele. There is no-one who sounds like Maurice. Or sings the songs he sings. It was great to see, and hear, him up and about again.

As I left the Empress I saw a few people outside. Smokers, I thought as I stepped out into the cold. Nope. A lineup. And the security staff was counting bodies as I left, and saying we can fit in 5 more - that's it. Great music. Loud and crowded.


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