Friday, March 14, 2008

Andrew Glover at Yardbird Suite

Saturday night was a very busy time for me, but I had to swing by The Suite, to catch some of Andrew Glover. And to see some friends. Andrew is a prolific composer, and I was certain lots of the jazz locals would be out to hear what his music has to say. I had several people ask if I would be there during the week. It was definately 'the place for jazz' on March 1st.

Andrew on keys and guitar, was supported by John Taylor on bass, Thom Bennett on drums, Bruce Mohacsy on percussion and keys, and Wes Yaciuk on guitar. Bruce and Wes were working with Andrew the week before at Jeffrey's Cafe at the Rollanda Lee show. And Rollanda was in the audience enjoying the music. I enjoyed the music and the chance to hear Andrew play compositions. I remember feeling, that we were in the jazz zone.

Forward motion, Smooth, and Not So Smooth are the titles of three Andrew Glover CDs that were available at the door. Andrew's compositions are well known and have been performed by many other musicians - a true sign of respect.

I saw Andrew pick up a guitar, and expressed surprise to Rollanda - who replied 'He does much of his composing on guitar, and then transcribes to the piano.' I learn something every day. I'm so used to seeing him in a suppporting role on the piano, especially for local singers.

The Yardbird Suite is the right place for this music. Even with a full house, when a solo starts you can hear a pin drop. The stage is big enough to handle a crowd if necessary. And the sound is always superb. An excellent combination that makes the Yardbird a 'jazz club' for officianados, and a concert venue as well. If you really want to hear the music of Andrew, and others, find them at the Suite.

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