Saturday, March 8, 2008

Drowning Ophelia at the Blue Chair Cafe

Drowning Ophelia consists of twin sisters, Candace and Karli. Candace on bass, Karli on guitar, and for some songs on keys -- and a drummer, Jared Bradley. They come to Edmonton from Saskatchewan and have studied music at GMCC - like many local musicians. I didn't talk, just listened -- maybe they are GMCC students at present.

I had not seen (or heard) them before I arrived at the Blue Chair. The website explains that they come from a family of musicians, with different styles. The music ranged from jazz, to country, to pop. Easy to listen. Interesting tunes and delivery.

Drowning Ophelia recently won a battle of the bands, and plan to release a CD in the spring - not too far away. Watch for it, watch for them, and you might be saying "I saw them long before they were so famous.'


Drowning Ophelia website

Blue Chair Cafe website

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