Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rollanda Lee at Jeffrey's Cafe

Rollanda Lee must carry a party with her, wherever she goes. And she brings out the party in everyone there. As usual, there was a huge crowd, having a great time at Jeffrey's Cafe, with Rollanda in control.

She was backed by Wes Yaciuk on guitar, Bruce Mohacsy on bass and when was there - Charlie Austin on keys. Andrew Glover was offically on keyboard, but Charlie was giving him a chance to sip and listen.

Always remember that if Rollanda is singing she'll take any request for a tune. Just write your request on the back of a $20 dollar bill. Seriously, Rollanda is a seasoned performer with a huge repetoire of music. She can take you from Billie Holiday to Micheal Buble in a minute, with a laugh and a story to carry you thru the transition. Rollanda often works with a Dixieland group, this time it was more jazz and ballads. If you want to help make the world a better place (and more fun too) listen, clap, and sing along (but not too loud unless you know what you are doing) with Rollanda Lee.

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