Thursday, March 20, 2008

Olive Reading Series at Hulbert's

I had seen announcements of the Olive Reading series a few times - but not managed to get there in the past. I picked a good night to hear some poetry and meet people. I was only there a few minutes when Chris said to a new customer 'no, we can't bring out any more chairs. Everyone seems to have saved a poem for tonight.' I had arrived at the annual senior undergraduate poetry class reading, hosted by Maria Chan and Bert Almon.

It was a fast poeted (is that a word?) evening. A small book of poems 'Under the Covers' was available - and some of the poets read from the book, others from notes -and one, as you can see in the photos, supported his poetry with drawings. We heard stories about the conception of poems, followed by poems.

After the formal part of the evening, there were six more people who took up the 'open stage' portion of the evening, including Chris Martyniuk -- one of Hulbert's owners, to deliver their short poems. I, and the crowd, especially enjoyed the one poem dedicated to two schizophrenic homeless friends "Next Week".


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K.L. said...

Hello Tracy,

The photos you took capture the evening perfectly. Thank you so much for being there.

We appreciate it!

Kristy McKay
(on behalf of the Olive Reading Series Collective)