Thursday, March 6, 2008

3 Different Heavens - at The Third Space

Northern Light Theatre's 'Third Space' can be a challenge to find. I do remember the last time I went there, I was late. So last night we left early, and got there in time for an Alley Kat Pale Ale and too much licorice. Tip: take 116 ave, also known as Princess Elizabeth Ave, and turn on 103 street. If you get to 104 street - you've gone too far. It's also an interesting building. Bar downstairs, theatre upstairs - probably not to accessible for handicapped (or heavy drinkers). The staff (volunteers?) were friendly and helpful. And the overall atmosphere on Wednesday 'pay what you can' night was very peaceful -- even though there were lots of people in attendance.

3 Different Heavens, by Nathan Cuckow, is a rich exploration into the lives of two women, who also alternate to the roles of each other's gay son. One of the families is Mormon, with very strict upbringing and 'gay fear'. The other is very liberal - probably more liberal than most of us encounter in or normal lives. The boys fall in love, and the mothers have to reconcile some of their differences, or 'agree to disagree' in order to be friends. I found the play interesting -- and it certainly got me thinking and both of us 'discussing' on the way home.

Coralie Cairns is an actress I have seen in many roles, and she always brings her trademark smile. Her role was quite spicy, an excellent casting choice. The play also forced her to be the flippant, free-wheeling divorcee - who was occasionally stopped in her tracks by the common sense, slow paced Mormon mom, played by Blair Wensley. It was fun to watch the interactions of two people who might not give the other 'the time of day' -- as they were forced together by the circumstances of thier love for their sons.

Part of Northern Light's mission (I'm trying to remember what was posted on the wall) to provide relevant theatre, and their goals for this season include explorations of religion, family, legality and sexuality. This was definately an exploration. As I left I wondered how they might get some Mormons to come and see it.

The play has so many twists and turns, some of them quite subtle, that the audience, myself included, was not sure if we were at the end.... There was a lot of emotion... and a bit of wonderment as the lights went down.

Northern Light Theatre

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