Sunday, March 30, 2008

Terry Morrison and John Gorham at Hulbert's

I need to hear more Terry Morrison. I caught a few tunes at Hulberts, and hearing the 'herbaceous ballad of coriander mandrake' again, I immediatly bought her CD. I put it on in my car, and started at 9. The ballad. Drove home and went to bed.

Next day, out to the hardware store in the afternoon, and thinking: "That's a really nice singer, I'll wait for CKUA to tell me who it is. Strange, doesn't sound like blues...". Then I realize it's Terry, doing 'Big Trouble". Into the hardware store, out, and off to groceries, and I hear the 'thinking song'. It happens again. I stop in the Safeway lot, wait to the end, and when 'no announcer' appears,

I pull out the CD cover and have a look. Terry Morrison again (still).

What is it about her voice? I have had people who study music 'correct' my impressions about who is a better musician. But, I know what I like. Frankly, I like music that transmits an emotion (and I like photos that have emotional content as well). And I like Terry Morrison. There is something about her voice that can be pensive, or laughing, or crying with joy. You hear it, and you feel it.

I arrived late at Hulbert's, and there was still a substantial crowd listening to Terry and John -- I'm not the only one who likes her stuff. Next time, I'll have to plan better and arrive earlier. I'll probably need to reserve to get a table.


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Darrel said...

i agree= great songs! Hope you can catch our show at Hulberts Oct.30 regardez;
Darrel delaRonde