Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jonny Mac Attack at the Castle Rock

I had heard about the Jazz jams at the Rock a few weeks before, and having moved to St Albert, I made my way over last week. I immediatly discovered that althought most of the patrons, and the owner did not know me -- a lot of the musicians did. Enrique introduced me to the owner, I met others, Jonny introduced me to more -- and I was happy to meet an old friend, Ralph Pretz - who I had not seen since his performance at the Yardbird Suite in 1995.

Jonny and the guys were honking up a jazz storm, so I picked up a Stella from a newby bartender and took a listen. The crowd was friendly, sociable, and attentive. I was surprised at the quality of the music - and then I talked to Enrique. "I moved here a few years ago" he said. "I walked into the Castle Rock and discovered many fantastic musicians - that I had never met before. And I have been around". So it goes. Living in Edmonton, we often assume nothing is happening in the 'burbs'. Well, it's happening at The Rock. I see they have Slow Burn in this weekend, and if I remember correctly, it's Hank Leonhard - with his Tacoy Ride friends no doubt, next weekend. And music throughout the week as well.

It was announced that in April, Mark Amar will be hosting is 200th jam session. Once I shed my day job, I might be spending a lot more time over here.


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