Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lynett at Hulbert's

The first time I met Lynett McKell was at Ron Taylor's Open Stage at the Second Cup downtown. She was with, and often performs with friend Laurel MacLure. I heard her many times and realized I had not actually listened to her 'float/boat' song -- because I was always taking pictures. Next time I saw them I deliberately stopped and listened. I knew the song had a beautiful sound - it has words and a story to match.

When I heard Lynett solo at the "8 for Peace" concert in February, I got to see and hear more of her powerful songwriting. Her music has a lot of emotion. Kudos to Hulbert's for giving her a show - definately a singer to watch out for. When I got there (late as usual) Laurel had just finished singing with her (maybe it was that beautiful 'boat/float' song?) and I got a chance to hear some more solo work.
Lynett and Laurel (and many others) at Second Cup, Sir Winston Churchill Square
Hulbert's website

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