Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Museum of Mental Objects (MOMO) in the Timms Foyer

Judy Freya Sibayan is curator and Museum of Mental Objects (MOMO). On March 14, 2008, she added an item to her collection, a work of art by Tanya Lukin-Linklater. I was fortunate enough to be in attendance - although no photos were permitted while the museum was open. I was permitted to take some photos before it opened, and after it closed.

When the museum opened, Judy gave a presentatation of the works currently installed, of which there are 10. The works ranged from mystical simple beauties, to a bright, witty, stab of light, confusing to some of the patrons - delighting others. Judy's presentation consisted of a short introduction to each work - and then a verbal delivery of the work as it was installed. She explained that her capacity to hold works is limited, and noted that some works have gone missing. On one occasion, she was offered a work - who could decline? But shortly afterwards the work was lost. Pity.

Judy Freya Sibayan Photos SLIDESHOW

Tanya had been invited to prepare a work for installtion in the gallery. She was called forward to install her work. Tanya whispered the work to Judy, who repeated it back quietly. It took some time for the installation to be completed. The work being fairly complex, and I suspect quite foreign to Judy, although it was in English. Judy then presented the work to the gallery patrons. There was a small installation error, and Tanya made a minor correction - and the work was presented again.

The work was beautiful and pure Tanya Lukin-Linklater. I have seen Tanya perform several times, and if I had heard the work, I could have identified it as Tanya without question.

The presentation was followed by a discussion of the work, the installation process, 'copy' issues - a very interesting converation. And then MOMO closed. And we got to talk to Judy again. And have more snacks.

Tanya in performance - Water

Tanya in performance - Culuk "Feather"

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